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Minastine + Vlerik forever!!

Saturday nights are bowling nights!

Mina and Christine's public dooomain!!
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We bring the apocolypse!!!

This is where EVERYONE can keep up with the wonder that is Minastine. Soon it shall be its own language. And religion. And...stuff?

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Minastine's friendship = The Wall of China.

This is because!
a) It is SUPER long.
b) It is SUPER impenetrable!
(think of it!) our-secret-engagement, about those persian robes..., acting independent, adorable old people, adventures, all kinds of tea!, all things lacy!, always finding puppies (everywhere!), alyssa&mary&jake, artemis, aurora, being dignified, being hostesses, being kidnapped!, being non-scary, being painfully polite, being prophetic, being stalked (maybe?), being too friendly, being victorian at heart, bianca+alice = bff!, boston coffee, bowling-night for the guys, breaking-rides-at-disney (sorry!), but-you-must-keep-my-child!, c squared, candy mountain, car symbolism, celebration, chocolate-and-pear-crepes, christine daae, christmas!!, crashing layla's house, dastardly plans, defending each other's honor, defying private property, disney-world, don't-kill-my-bunny!, dusk-till-dawn-deep-talks!, elizabeth-and-jane-bennet, emotional dependency (whee), endless innocence, epcot-while-it's-raining, erik-and-vlad's-bowling-shoes, everything pomegranate!, evil teddy bears, except-i-don't-really-like-ham, exploring, eyelet lace, fake lives, falling up the stairs, five-hour-phone-conversations, fun abounds, gemstones of awesome, gothic heroines, green tea ice cream, green-tea-blackberry-frappucinos, guard-the-perimeter!, halloween = valentine's day, haunted buildings, heroines-cause-controversy, holding-hands-and-skipping!, i-can-take-the-trash-out-omg!, imaginary friends, joy & joyness, kiiiiiiiiill you, kittens, lightning-that-won't-stop, lissie+marie = bff!, looking like ourselves, louis xvi, lovebug-fake, making peeps swoon, making up stories, marie antoinette, mezzo!raoul, mina murray, minastine, minastine = so hardcore!, mixing punch, mud biking, mystery sauce, no milkshakes for you!, not i-4!, not madame-du-barry, not male geisha, not scientifically-engineered terrors, not shovels (except christine), not sweating (ew!), not those darn cars, not-erik's-fanclub, not-gambling!, not-scary-older-teachers-who-hit-on-us, omg not the zombies, operation: pretty dresses!, our child following, our french restaurant, our own little world, our public, our-soulmates-go-bowling (yay!), overcoming autumn, pandora, people watching, persephone, personalized parasols, photo documentaries, princess elisabeth, rare art, reincarnation, revelations, rose gardens, roses & lavender, s = uv squared, sarah, scary crypts-with-ropes, secrets (shh!), side-of-the-road-in-orlando-fake, singing-on-key?, snow-white, soprano!erik, starbucks everywhere!, storytime with erik, sybelle, talking italian mirrors, tea with yuna, the apocolypse, the childlike empress, the dance of crazy, the minastine theme-song, the minastine zodiac, the minastinemobile, the notebook: the-girl-version!, the piano, the seaside, the-dark-forest-path-of-despair, the-park-in-mina's-neighborhood, the-theory-that-everyone-wants-to-eat-mina!, the-theory-that-everyone-wants-to-marry-christine!, trying to be spontaneous, used bookstores, virgins forever!, vlerik, waltzing on empty-stages, waterless fountains (woe!), we love everyone, we're hardcore princesses!, we're-moving-to-europe!, white fluffy dresses!, winter park, worrying too much